About Me

Born in Minnesota...high school in San Diego...college in Boston....a year abroad in Spain....worked in Southern California and now living just outside Manhattan....I've always been somewhat of a road warrior.  My parents are avid travelers and since I was young have always instilled in me the desire to seek out new places (outside of the usual suspects), learn about distinct histories and cultures and experience how other people live. Each person you cross paths with brings a different perspective that can open your eyes to a whole different way of thinking. 

My travels have taken me on some very unique adventures from climbing through the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam to dining at candlelight in the caves at Moet & Chandon and I'm always thrilled about the next adventure. Since moving to New York City in June of 2009 I've extended my "travels" to include local escapades. In a city as dynamic as NYC there is always something new to explore and I'm determined to see as much as I can see! 

Along the way I started writing grossly verbose e-mails about my trips to my friends (many of whom I KNOW deleted them on sight) but there were those faithful few who really enjoyed my writing. They felt transported with me on my trips and looked forward to the next letter and photos. So, I finally decided in 2009 to memorialize those e-mails into this blog (not only to eliminate the huge e-mails but also as a reciprocal for my own memories.)  

Upcoming trips for 2012 include: Beaver Creek, CO; Mid-coast Maine; San Diego; Cape May, NJ; Hudson, NY; Charleston, SC; and who knows where else....