Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Magical World of Disney....

Disney World for a Bachelorette Party? I was equally as dubious but it turned out to be a fantastic choice. There are plenty of options for adult activities and you can still twirl yourself sick on the teacups like you did as a child!

Our adventures included a day at the Magical Kingdom followed by an evening of "Around the World" embibing local drinks, fireworks and late night rides at Epcot. At 90 degrees with 100% humidity, the absolute soak we received on "Splash Mountain" was readily welcomed by all of us. "Soarin", one of the rides at Epcot was phenomenal and I would highly recommend it. You are strapped in to a harness ride suspended in the air in front of a huge IMAX screeen and literally soar through different places around the world. We even "flew" over San Diego - it was really unique and fun for everyone. 

The following day was spent poolside at our Disney resort and followed by dinner at Todd English's Restaurant, Blue Zoo. Not only was the decor fabulous but the service and food were phenomenal as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting DW. The Bachelorette Festivities continued at the Deuling Piano venue, which turned out being a total blast. 

There were a lot of "interesting" sights at Disney....from elderly gentlement with spiked glitter hair in scooters roaming around the park to children adorned in the latest Disney character gear, I guess the magic is distinctly personal. Just the sheer number of people at the parks was slightly overwhelming especially given some of relative unexpected populations that were exploring all the surprising treats the parks had to offer. 

We had a wonderful time filled with great friendship and tons of laughs; I think it will be a few years before I need another dose of Tinker Bell's pixy dust. 

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