Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's almost like traveling....

....when you walk about New York City, you are transported. It might be to China or Ethiopia or even just middle America; it might last a minute or feel like hours that you have been in this alternative location but it's part of the day to day of hustling through this enormous city.

I met one of my friends at Penn Station the other day and commented to him how entertained I am at watching all the people crossing paths in the city. There are some blatant stereotypes about people from the Tri-State area and some amazing specimens to back them up. From the big hair, track suits and gold chains to the stately suits and waspy coiffures, from traditional saris to stone washed canadian tuxedos, you get to witness it all. And its amazing.
This afternoon I had to run an errand at Bloomingdale's, which is only 5 blocks from my office. In the half an hour that it took me to go there and back apparently the local high school was released. I'm not sure if the school is an art school or some sort of alternative high school or if I'm just getting old, but I crossed 57th street and was overtaken by an onslaught of pierced beings in retro 80's ska gear, overzealous make up jobs (boys and girls) and all sorts of hair colors. Girls were comparing their lip piercings while the boys were pulling up their super skinny jeans to slightly cover their behinds. Everyone had their cell phones and were texting or facebooking...probably to their friends walking next to them. I remember being 12 and 15 and wanting to be singular but part of the crowd. I remember wanting to use blue jello to dye my hair. Thank GOD my mom put a quick stop to that particular whim. But oh how the trends have changed...I appreciate individuality and am a huge proponent of it; I'm not sure when you look like every one else (a la Marilyn Manson) that you're acheiving it but that's part of being an adolescent.

That being said, New York is a city where anything goes. You might not appreciate it all, but people put all sorts of "costumes" on and walk around town. From jumpers that look suited for a baby to lime green high tops paired with striped tights, leg warmers and a fur skirt to a man dressed as an armadillo (for fun) with his matching dog, it's all here. They may be trying to make a statement or it may just be their state of being; regardless, it's a priceless part of my commute. Love it.

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