Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Wall

As I've mentioned, my penchant for traveling was bred in me by my parents. My whole life my parents have been heading off to the far reaches of the globe for weeks at a time and would bring me back unique trinkets - a tiger from Seoul Korea (donned with the Olympics apparel from that year), Chinese dolls from their visit across the border into China (when visiting was still exceptional), a piece of the Berlin Wall from my dad's trip in 1989, etc. Once I turned 9 years old, I was invited to join them - the first trip was to Hawaii (quite exotic when you're growing up in Minnesota). The following year was Monaco, France, Switzerland & Italy....and there began my love affair with travel!

Next week I leave for Peru to meet my parents and my mom's best friend in Cuzco - we'll be visiting Machu Picchu together and then they'll continue on their trip from Santiago up the coast of South America, through the Panama Canal and ending in Fort Lauderdale. My trip is slightly abbreviated - 5 days in Peru with 3 in Cuzco and 2 in Lima. Whirlwind! But given the weather we've had on the East Coast this winter, I'd go even for 3 days! Snow, slush, freezing rain, ice (skating to work), hail, mist, black sludge, you name it. Being originally from Minnesota I know I've seen WAY worse but 20 years away have certainly diminished the memories! But don't worry, I still LOVE NYC despite the so beats elbow sweat in the summer.

More to come on the Peru trip next week. In the meantime, a few years back my mom and I collaborated on a wall of photos in the stairwell of their house. As we were working with 20 foot ceilings we had a lot of free wall space to work with! We picked a selection of photos from both of our travels and had a blast editing and arranging them. Below is a selection of our final product - they include photos from China, Australia, India, Thailand, The Philippines, Ghana, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Bali & Burma ...enjoy!

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