Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lenten Sacrifices

Through my writing class, I've learned no topic is too diminutive to write about. It need not be a 3 week excursion through the Andes; it could simply be a day strolling through the second hand shops in the Lower East Side. As such, I thought I'd write a little piece on my Lenten Sacrifice (one of them) and my plans post April 24th.

My Faux Martini...almost looks real, right?
Anyone who is a friend on Facebook knows I gave up alcohol and bread for Lent. Despite one dispensation for a dear friend's bachelorette party (she demanded it...I obliged), I haven't had a sip of alcohol since March 8th. No beer, wine, or booze. It is GREAT not to feel slightly groggy from several glasses of wine the previous night, but honestly I've never felt so consistently tired before. Sure I'm up and at 'em and clear-headedly tackling the day before me, but I could sleep for weeks if given the chance.

The Real Deal....my Dispensation Martini. In comparison the impostor is obvious.

With the final countdown to Easter approaching and the appearance of flower buds and open cafe doors FINALLY arrived, here's my list of places to imbibe in the near future:

1. Forward. "Where Everyone Should Go." Craft brews & cocktails, 'wichcraft snacks, Bryant Park, great friends. May 11th from 6-9 PM. Be there. $90 all you can eat and drink - be honest, you'd spend this much anyway and half of the amount goes to charity. (Self-promotion at its finest.)
2. Birreria at Eataly. We've been teased for nine months about the opening of this 8,000 square foot rooftop biergarden and with a purported mid-May opening (I'm betting on June-July), I'm already salivating at the dynamic craft creations that await!
3. La Cava. Midtown East has a million Irish bars and general divey looking places, but yesterday I walked past this place located around the corner from my office and the allure of open windows and wafts of great vintages instantly added this to my list.
4. Maialino. We've had this one on our all around must go to list for a while. Originally we'd planned to go during Lent to save on the alcohol price, but it hasn't happened. I just want to be a fabulous person sitting in the window sipping vino and savoring Danny Meyer's elegant creations. 
5. Mayahuel. I love margaritas. I love tequila. I love Mexican food. (Revision - GOOD Mexican Food.) I've heard great things about Mayahuel from respected sources and this is apparently a must try.
6. J.G. Melon. I'm perpetually on the search for a great burger. My favorite still lives in North Park, San Diego at Jayne's Gastropub. DIVINE. But a great burger needs a great bun and great beer, two things I've been deprived of for the past 34 days so post-Lent I'll be heading to JG's (apropos don't you think?) for what's apparently a top ten NYC burger. I'll see.
7. The Yale Club. While it won't be my first martini at the Yale Club, it sure IS an amazing one. A group drink date is already planned. Can't wait!
8. Zum Schneider. Since my move Downtown last summer I've been threatening to go here with my best friend. We still haven't made it. A sunny day of beers awaits us. And maybe a sausage or two.
9. Amor & Amargo. Pop-up shops became pop-up restaurants and now pop-up cocktailers. Whatever, I'm in. Add in un sabor espanol and you're talking mi lenguaje. Love the concept, love the location. Can't wait to love the liquor!
10. BYOB. On a recent excursion to Westchester, I picked up two cases of my favorite wines (well, two of the many). Whether it's a picnic in the park or BYOB at a fun resto, I'm looking forward to a bottle of my Clos de los Siete or Kono as an accompaniment!

There you have it. Is it April 24th yet?

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