Thursday, August 4, 2011

Photo Selection

Arriving back from my amazing trip I had over 500 photos to download, edit, and then try to upload a selection. As I'm sure you don't have 30 minutes to page through the edited version, I'm posting a selection that I really like. Even then they are plentiful. Enjoy!
Berlin: Hackeschen Hofe, a series of 9 courtyards styled in Art Deco architecture.

Berlin: Art

Berlin: The Post Office - just loved the facade and image.

Berlin: The infamous Unter den Linden leading up to the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin: Perganomuseum - detail of the Ishtar Gate.

Berlin: Sausages at the KaDeWe

Berlin: The Wall on my Birthday.

Berlin: East Side Gallery. I loved this quote, one of many on the strip of murals.

Beaune, France: Exploring the vineyards of the Cote de Nuits.

Cluny, France: Marzipan!

Lyon, France: The Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere

Lyon, France: Halles of Lyon Food Market. Scrumptious!

Tallories, France: View on Lake Annecy atdusk.

Vevey, France: Walking about the old town.

Gruyere, France: Either an influence of HR Giger or just a unique rain gutter.

Gruyere, France: The Gruyere Factory.

Murten-Meyriez on Lake Murten. Sunset after a picnic dinner on the porch.

Zurich, Switzerland: I couldn't resist. She was BEYOND color coordinated in Pink. Even the hair band matched!
So you'll notice there are no pictures of Zurich proper. After 12 days and over 500 photos, my finger was tired as was my shoulder from lugging my camera and second lens around. So, I just wandered the streets taking mental images. Maybe one day I'll go back...if they ever devalue their currency or I become ridiculously independently wealthy.

Hope you enjoyed the adventure with me! Happy Thursday! xoxo

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  1. LOVE the photo selection. and marzipan... my favorite thing in the entire world. well, in addition to wine.