Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Moving on Up....or Out!

Two Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Calories (2,530 calories) and One Hundred and Seven Fat Grams (107 fat grams.) Every day, twice a day. Whether it's 6:30 AM or 6:30 PM. It haunts me. Port Authority that is.

Last month, three years after moving to New York City, I swapped my Manhattan address for one across the Hudson in New Jersey. I moved to Hoboken, which is a seriously exciting new chapter in my life as I have joined The Boy out there. He's a longtime resident and serious fan of the town and now I'm on the bandwagon as well. From the awesome Pilsener Haus and their recently opened Kolo Club to the fabulous outdoor Pier 13 Boating Club overlooking NYC, which is my favorite Sunday sunset venue, the birthplace of baseball has earned a new aficionado.

View from Pier 13 - photo courtesy of VC
With each move comes some hardship and mine is limited to passing through Port Authority on a daily basis. It's not so much the derelicts blatantly high on bath salts or the unfortunates facing hard times panhandling for bus fare that bother me; it's being inundated on a daily basis with that smell. And no, I don't mean the smell of human "business" - that I'm used to having lived in the East Village. No, I mean the undeniably tantalizing smell curated by the collection of food establishments at PA. Every morning and every evening my nostrils are lambasted by Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields, Auntie Anne's, Carvel, and Au Bon Pain. EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Calories (2,530 calories) and One Hundred and Seven Fat Grams (107 fat grams.) That's a sampling of the assailants infiltrating my olfactory senses. One Cinnabon Classic + one Mrs. Fields M&M cookie + one Carvel Fudge Brownie Dasher + one Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel from Auntie Anne's = 2,530 calories & 107 fat grams. And all while I'm heading to the gym.

Torture. Photo courtesy of ricky_foto's on Photobucket.
Thankfully I have pretty steadfast willpower and am capable of resisting. For now at least. And if that's my only hardship, I think I'll survive. That, or I'll just start commuting on the PATH train.


  1. Yeah, Cinnabon! That is a killer! Just walking by can make you feel as if you are gaining weight. Stay strong! :)

  2. It is legitimately a burden. Thanks Malia!