Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Ramblings

So I just signed up for Twitter...and really it was motivated by the need to spread the word about my fundraiser, FORWARD, that is two weeks from today. But I'll be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing and how to really take advantage of it. Unlike Facebook where I'm rather adept, I'm still wet behind the ears here. And "twitterspeak", excuse me? No clue. Maybe I'm beyond in years...but it's kind of fun. You follow people you wouldn't necessarily follow on FB and you can say what you want without having to share your history, photos, etc. Not that I'm that secretive...but, well, you know.

I submitted my revision of my Ghana piece to my class - I cut out 3 whole pages! And, according to my mother, a lot of the funny parts. Hmm. We'll see what my class says. Cutting it down to 2,000 words was quite a chore. Sadly the part about the non-Oscar winning Ghanaian film classics hit the cutting room floor. One of my classmates told me it was "mean". It was mean that they made ME suffer through that movie for FIVE hours. Mean? Are we in 5th grade? I guess she'll be relieved to see it's gone. Once I get their feedback I'll post the revision for you all to read and see what you think.

My next task will be researching some newsworthy pieces for my trip to Berlin, Basel, Lyon, Lake Anasee and Zurich in July. If you have any insider tips, let me know. Otherwise I'll be hitting up the tourist bureaus here for some leads.

Here's a photo to break up this babble....I like it a lot. Shocking, I know.

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