Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slovenia...and a very small soap box.

It's my second to last class tonight and I'm a total slacker and didn't do my homework. Honestly, I'm exhausted. From traveling coast to coast two weekends in a row to co-chairing a fundraiser for the Children's Aid Society to actually doing my real job, I just didn't dedicate the time. So, I'll try for next the interim, I'll share the topic. Feel free to pass on any suggestions if you are so inclined.

Stumped and Tired.

Assignment: An editor offers you an opportunity to write a piece on Slovenia for their magazine. You have to come up with your own angle for writing about Slovenia as a travel destination.

So, first of all I have to outline my research process: 1) select an angle - anyone been to Slovenia or have any unique thoughts on trends there? 2) prepare my travel plans...piece of cake, this is my favorite part and 3) prepare my agenda when visiting - what will I see, who will I interview, etc. Part and parcel to each of these steps is coming up with unique ways to access this information - FB, Twitter, NYTimes Travel, tourist bureaus for Slovenia (most are in NYC fortunately.)

I'll also need to add essential facts about Slovenia to facilitate my reader's understanding of the angle. That part will come through my research. Funny, I have enough time/energy to write this but not do the rest. Oh well. Next week will be that much more exciting with the actual piece, my re-draft of my Ghana piece (trying to publish it!), and whatever homework awaits for me then.

A side note on charity work....for all that know me, you know I've been involved with fund raising for various non-profit groups for years, most notably Junior League in San Diego (where I met some of the most amazing and some of my best friends ever.) And those same people know I can't give less than 100% to that effort. I get that not everyone shares my enthusiasm nor willingness to sacrifice their time and effort. That's fine. Do whatever you want with with your personal time. I would (if I could.)

But what does frustrate me is people who join organizations with the legitimate goal of helping but then totally drop the ball. Or drop off the face of the Earth. I mean, just tell me you're flaking and leave it at that. But don't portend to be a philanthropist when you really prefer to blatantly ignore my e-mails, phone calls and desperate pleas for some help, any help. I mean, I'm a volunteer too. That being said, I'm tired. The stress of asking, encouraging, pleading, helping, facilitating, mitigating, and feeling that it's still not enough because the collective result isn't meeting our goals. It's exhausting. But I know there are the mighty few of us that have been TOTAL rock stars and after we've passed this hurdle, we have some strategic planning, some much needed hair cutting, and some infrastructure building to do. And then maybe next year I won't be so damn tired.

Happy Easter Everyone - May the PEEPS be with you!!!!!!!!

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  1. Jenn,

    I cannot speak to your assignment. I have no experience with Slovenia, no angle. But if I happen upon something, I will be sure to pass it along.

    I can speak to your second part of this post. You have been doing an amazing job. I know that you have put in countless hours, come up with brilliant ideas, and are making things happen when they need to happen. I'm sorry that you are tired and that the process can be frustrating. But you are a rock star and I know you'll get it done! xoxo