Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Writer's Block

It's not so much writer's block as not having a block of time to write. And just being overtired and overextended. That's mostly over now so I am looking forward to returning to writing next week.

Last week we had our event, Forward, and it was a raging success! We oversold tickets and even with a crowd of celebratory lushes, we were still able to meet and beat our goal, raising $15,000 for the Early Childhood Program of The Children's Aid Society. I couldn't be happier! People had a great time, the venue was phenomenal, and the guests were gushing at the experience. PHEW! Now to plan for next year...starting in a few months. We also had some phenomenally energetic guests who are excited to be part of the Associates Council, and I'm so excited to have them on board.

The past five days I got to staycation in the West Village for a friend who was out of town and needed her dog to be looked after. I was happy to oblige and realize that I've been fooling myself pretending the East Village was still a village and acceptable for my living space. It's not. Period. I'm way too yuppy to be in the EV and think I'll be reconsidering my address at the end of the summer. Being able to walk out of the apartment (granted, it is an apartment that is beyond my current pay scale with outdoor patio and double the size of my current apartment, but who's counting?) into the plethora of choices that envelop you in the West Village, all my speed, was luxurious. West Village, I'll be back. 

This weekend it's off to Manchester, VT, for one of my best friend from college's wedding. I was with her the night we met her groom and have been preparing my notes for the rehearsal dinner. I'm part of the bridal party, not the maid of honor, so I'm trying to keep it brief and fun while appropriately memorializing a decade long friendship and the night we met "the one." Well hers anyway. I should stalk said bar perpetually for my own "one." You never know. The venue is Hildene, a Lincoln Family home, and beautiful venue, and I'm sure I'll get some good pictures. (Tune in next week.) Unfortunately the weather may be rainy, but I know the group going will be righteous regardless and memories will be made. Until then....

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  1. Enjoy the wedding this weekend! You never know, maybe your one and only will be at the Hildene. Keep your eyes peeled! (What does that even mean anyway?....)