Friday, May 6, 2011


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind (I might use that word too much) - a bedlam of activity. From running around the country to Miami for a bachelorette, then San Diego for a wedding, then New Jersey for Easter, and Long Island to collect raffle donations and visit friends, it's been incessant. And that was just the weekends. Mid-week it's been work plus the end of my writing class and of course the ever present planning for our upcoming fundraiser, Forward, benefiting The Children's Aid Society. Program writing/proofing/printing is almost complete, logistics is in the hands of very capable ladies, the raffle prizes are amazing and almost all in hand, and the auction will be fun as well...and also thankfully in the hands of my amazing co-chair, Amy. Lots of hands people.

The tumult of activity comes at a price and last night I hit the wall of exhaustion. Physically I barrel through it, but my mind takes off on its own when it's met its limit. Arriving home from my Brazilian body workout (feeling the pain - so good - this morning), I took a nice shower, pampered myself with new facial products from Fresh, took a Tylenol PM, and read my book for about 4 minutes before passing into a comatose sleep. My dreams were out of control - I was in transit to Asia with my family, traveling via plane and apparently sailboat when the scene was interrupted by a reunion with my long lost half-brother, confrontations with my former gang of three - "the BBC," all moderated curiously by my mother, and who knows what other details that didn't quite make it to my consciousness upon waking.

Today I feel fantastic - fully rested and excited for the weekend ahead and feeling prepared for our event on the 11th. We've sold over 100 tickets and with last minute buyers out there that have promised to attend, I think the last few days will get us to our goal. But before we get there we have a thrilling weekend ahead - tomorrow is a Derby party (hat is prepped!) and the Junior League House Tours, which we've been doing bi-annually since I moved here. A chance to see how the "other half" (or super duper upper echelon) live in Manhattan. Absolutely phenomenal. I would say it's breathtaking, but we discussed how inane that term is in my writing class. Unless something literally makes you pass out from lack of breath (i.e. your lungs stop functioning) and you find yourself moments later on the ground recapturing your breath, it really can't be "breathtaking." Think about it.

In anticipation of the weekend ahead, the fundraiser on the 11th, and a trip to Manchester, VT in a few weeks for my favorite couples' nuptials, I'm rewinding for a minute to a moment I'd revisit in a heart beat. This photo, while in and of itself beautiful, brings back many memories and emotions. Just like it was yesterday...

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  1. i like this post. feels like i'm chatting with you :-)