Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As I've mentioned here, here, and here, I love snow sports, especially snowboarding and skiing. I don't as much love the snow per se, especially when commuting to work or driving in a blizzard, but I'll take a day in the mountains anytime! I've been on the mountain since I was three years old starting with skis and no poles and adding snowboarding 13 years later. Always a 'good' athlete(I can play most any sport relatively well), I think snowboarding is the exception and consider myself able to hang with most riders on all terrains.

Vail, Colorado
People often ask me what I miss most about California. After almost three years, my answer is always the same: "Besides my parents and close friends, I miss the mountains." I used to drive to Mammoth most weekends, a lot of the time by myself, for a day and a half of riding all over that fantastic mountain. 395 miles door-to-door with a few books on tape and the radio to entertain me...and some of my favorite people too...was not abnormal.

Deer Valley, Utah

So, by the hair of my chinny chin chin, I'm making one of my 2012 goals come true this weekend. The boy and I are headed off to Beaver Creek for a few last days of skiing. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Mt. Baldy - Sun Valley
And the icing on the cake is two-fold...one, it's the end of Lent so I'll be having a margarita and a marshmallow apres ski (most likely not together, but you never know) AND, I'll be meeting the four-week old Tulley, daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Oh...and the cherry on top is that a group of our friends will also be in town for the holiday so Saturday night should be a real hoot. Can't wait!

Mammoth Mountain


  1. Yay! Have so much fun! Enjoy the peeps (yes, double meaning), the margarita, and the slopes!