Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Easter Basket!

Thank you to everyone who sent me a Peep picture over Easter...from the "Peep Show" to the "Peep Bouquet" to excerpts from the Washington Post Peep Contest...OccuPEEP DC was the clear favorite. "Power to the PEEPle!"

Apparently I've made it abundantly clear how much I love marshmallows. And after 40 days of no sweets and no alcohol (similar to last year), I was excited for my Easter Basket and Easter celebrations this past weekend.

Here's my Easter Basket! It had chocolate covered marshmallows, a dark chocolate bunny, a HUGE s'mores egg, and jelly eggs...all courtesy of See's Candies! Another West coast thing to miss. Thankfully they ship UPS. There is a box of Scotchmallow eggs blatantly missing from this picture...alas, it didn't make it through the 2-hour car ride. We devoured them. At 10 AM. Oopies. That $40 worth of Easter candy was well worth it!


  1. What a lovely Easter basket you have there! And yes, thank goodness for See's! Hope you enjoyed/enjoy every last bit of your Easter reward for being so good during Lent.

  2. Why thank you! I did have a lot of fun putting together my basket and it was worth the wait!